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above, overforeword, preface
ache, paingrateful, thankful
advertising, advertisement, publicity PDFhard, hardly
all, wholehigh, tall
allow, let, permithire, rent, let
alone, lonelyhome, house
also, too, as well, either PDF newhomework, housework
alternately, alternativelyhuman, humane
altogether, all togetheringenious, ingenuous
answer, reply, respond PDFkind, sympathetic, empathetic PDF
antisocial, unsocial, unsociablelend, borrow
assure, ensure, insurelighting, lightning, lightening
at present, presentlylike, as
avenge, revengelisten, hear
begin, start, commencelook, look like, look as if / though
below, underlose, loose
beside, besidesmake, do
break, interlude, intermission, ...marriage, wedding
budget, quotationMr, Mrs, Ms, Miss
bus, coachnewly, anew PDF new
chips, crispsoutset, onset
common, ordinaryoverall, overalls
comprehensive, comprehensible, ...particular, private
conductor, driverpartly, partially
conserve, preserveperson(s), people(s) PDF new
contents, indexpray, prey
continuous, continualpretend, intend
cook, cookerrarely, scarcely
costume, customremember, remind
cushion, pillowrise, raise
damage, damagessalary, wage
demonstration, manifestationsatisfied, satisfying, satisfactory
desert, deserts, dessertsay, tell
desk, secretarysearch, research, investigation PDF
disinterested, uninterestedsee, look, watch
distrust, mistrust PDFsensible, sensitive
drunk, drunkenshade, shadow
eatable, edibleshout, scream PDF new
elevator, liftsign, signal
end, finish PDF newsmall, little PDF new
envious, jealoussmoke, fume
especially, speciallyso, such
excuse, pretext, reasonspend, waste
expand, expendstationary, stationery
expect, hope, wait, ...steal, rob
expensive, expansivestory, history
experience, experimentstreet, road
exploit, exploreteacher, professor
famous, notorioususe, wear
fish, fishesused to, be used to, get used to PDF
floor, groundvaluable, invaluable, priceless
for, duringvisa, Visa
force, power, strengthwin, earn
foreigner, stranger 
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